Help a Disabled Veteran


For Christmas this year I was planning on donating my time in the kitchen at the V.A. Hospital on Beacon Hill here in south Seattle, but then I was approached by my neighbor who is a disabled vet to help him with a website and it changed my plans entirely.

Kevin is disabled and suffers from PTSD and depression. He was exposed to Agent Orange while on active duty and deals with a number of side effects that makes employment impossible, yet his service connected disability benefits barely put him at the poverty level.

Like a lot of vets the level of benefits that has been determined for him are less than he deserves. So to supplement his income he carves walking sticks by hand, and has been selling them out front of the Veterans Substance Abuse/PTSD In-patient facility at the hospital. He spends very little of his earnings on himself, instead he saves most of it for his daughter’s college tuition.

Someone suggested he look into selling them on a website, and that’s where I came in. So I helped him get his own domain on GoDaddy and built him a new WordPress site ( This is the start of new program I’ve set up where disabled vets can apply for their own website for which I’ll donate my time. It can be any type of website they want, a site to sell things or perhaps just a blog, whatever will help them.

kevin-imageThe only cost for the websites would be for their domain if they wanted their own, and for hosting if they choose to use paid hosting such They also have the option of using a free hosting site such as, which provides a domain but usually contains the name of the hosting site within it.

I’m more than happy to assist in acquiring a domain and setting up hosting, and would then be available for changes or updates when needed. If you know any disabled veterans who would be interested in applying for a website please have them contact me through this site or by email at